Parts and supplies available in stock and by order.

   Airgas Dealer - Tanks exchanged here! 

   Interstate Batteries Dealer and automotive needs such as: battery terminals, wire, splices, fuses & testers.

   Motor oil, oil & fuel filters, brake, transmission & power steering fluid, diesel additives & fuel treatments, washer fluid and wiper blades.

   Shop supplies:  Oil-dri, fuel cans, funnels, brake & carb cleaner, shop towels, brooms, hand cleaner, trashbags, ShopVac, welding rod, marking tools & more...

   Chain & Supplies:  Chain in 1/4", 5/16", & 3/8" sizes cut to length, clevis & repair pieces.

   Farm items:  Fence charger repair, fencing repair tools & supplies, tank heaters, chicken wire, fence staples...

   Quikrete & basic lumber:  2X4X8' & 10', 2X6X8' & 10', 1"X 2"-4"-6"-8"10" & 12" X 8', treated 4x4x8, 7/16 OSB. Special orders upon request.

If we don't have it in stock, let us know!  We are adding to our inventory weekly!

Auto & Farm Supplies